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pod. "Limeaide"
Limeade – A perfect rendition of a classic beverage consisting of limes and ade. Pod. Salt Solutions is a premium...
pod. "Blue Razz"
Blue Razz – Blue raspberries never tasted so good. Pod. Salt Solutions is a premium e-liquid line created using nicotine...
pod. "Undertow"
Undertow – A sophisticated blend of strawberries, blue raspberries, and menthol provide a flavor that is sure to become an...
pod. "Tiger Uppercut"
Tiger Uppercut – A complex blend of oranges, mangos, guavas, and dragon fruits that will transport your taste buds to...
pod. "Sweet Mint"
Sweet Mint – This blend of minty freshness with a touch of sweetness is a real palate pleaser. Pod. Salt...
pod. "Strawberry Gummy"
Strawberry Gummy – The name says it all. Blended to taste just like a strawberry gummy. Pod. Salt Solutions is...
pod. "Vanilla Custard"
Vanilla Custard – A classic flavor profile that is sure to please any fan of delicious vanilla custard. Pod. Salt...

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